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To assist you, from the birth of your project to the maintenance of your mould

Plastisud designs and builds your pilot and production moulds, integrating its own Hot runner system. After the various stages of construction, the moulds are fine-tuned in one of our own injection machines, in our trial lab, according to your specifications.

Upon delivery, you just connect the necessary pipes and start your mould immediately.

During production, our sales team is at your service and provides the necessary follow-up for maintenance and  spare parts.

Research & Development

Constant investment in innovation and research is the strength of our Group. Our team of dedicated R&D engineers is constantly exploring new ways to optimize your moulds.

We work every day on your needs of tomorrow:

  • "Tethered" caps attached to the neck of the bottle

  • Injection solutions adapted to the geometry of your part

  • Weight savings on your plastic part

  • Productivity gains

  • Maintenance ease ...

Engineering & Design

With more than 4,500 moulds already designed, our Engineering Department studies your pilot development projects and multi-cavity production moulds.

After a pre-study phase, it defines your needs and meets your specifications to adapt the mould to the requirements of your plastic part. We design a custom-made solution aimed at optimizing your production performance.

For a perfect follow-up of your order, a Project Manager is dedicated to you, able to answer any question you may have within 24h.

29 engineers at your service

  • 3 R&D Engineers

  • 4 dedicated Product Managers (cap /packaging / medical / R&D)

  • 18 Mould Designers

  • 3 Project Managers

  • 1 Engineering Director


Our molds are made of stainless steel, with extremely tight tolerances and extremely precise machining (normally within 5 microns), in the latest generation state-of-the-art-machinery.

They are fully designed and 100% built in-house, just like our Hot Runner Systems.

In our Heat Treatment department, we manage the hardening and stress relief annealing of our steel components, all inside our workshop, in our own ovens, for a perfect quality and traceability and a significant time saving.

Each manufacturing step is 100% controlled either by MMT during machining or by the many dimensional inspection instruments available in each machining station.

Our workshop

  • 5 million € invested in new manufacturing tools in 2021

  • dozens of high-speed automated machining cells (5-axis robots)

  • very high precision for the perfect interchangeability of parts

  • 16,000 m² with filtered air-conditioning

  • a 100% integrated production line

  • 3 ovens for heat treatment  → steel hardening and stress relief annealing

  • 100% control of the elements at each production stage