Several steps ahead

Customized Hot Runner Systems

Plastisud integrates in its molds its own hot runner systems and injection solutions: adapted to the geometry of your part, they are custom-designed.

For closures, medical and packaging, we test many materials and new resins, thus evolving our technology.

With many years of experience with single-sided or two-level stack moulds, our hot runners are perfectly balanced to meet and exceed the most demanding needs.

Our strengths
  • no stagnation zone

  • very short cycle times for very high productivity moulds

  • use of resins with narrow process window

  • perfect concentricity and precision of parts

  • ease of maintenance

Experienced with tethered caps

The experience of our team allows us to be a force in the co-development with clients. For example, in connection with the new legislation on closures in Europe (SUP Directive which will take effect in 2024), Plastisud co-developed the first European attached cap in a record time.

With several multi-cavity moulds now in production, billions of these caps stormed the supermarkets.

We are currently developping dozens of pilot tools with our customers to get several solutions for tethered caps, to adapt to different necks.  All of this very confidential...

Precursors thanks to
  • 55+ years of experience

  • a dedicated team in R&D and Engineering Dpt

  • a separate unit workshop to speed up your developments

A patent for Injection / Compression filed in 2015

Thanks to thin wall technology and our Injection / Compression patent on stack moulds, we are committed to the environment.

We help our customers reduce the weight of their packaging, save energy on smaller machines, process bio-sourced materials or PET that can be recycled ...

Plastisud advantages
  • Save weight on your part (up to 40%) = material cost saving 

  • Save transport charges

  • Use a lower MFi

  • IMM with lower tonnage = energy saving and lower cost-per-part

  • Environmentally friendly

A high-performance machine park

Each year, Plastisud invests 10% of its turnover in its machine park.

Our customers benefit from the best technologies.

Thanks to our constant investment efforts, we can respond to our customers by developing and building molds in record time.

Equipped with technologies of excellence throughout the production chain, our production tool adapts to your request.

Our numerous machining centers allows for a very large production capacity, essential for your large deployments.

Our strength
  • Latest generation production machinery, accurate and reliable (precision to 5 microns)

  • Dozens of high-speed automated machining cells (5-axis robot)

  • 3 heat treatment ovens for hardening and stress relief annealing

  • Huge production capacity to meet your deployments