Pilot Workshop

Because your deadlines are tight and time to market is critical, we listened to your requirements and configured our workshop accordingly, organizing a production cell dedicated to "unitary" work.

A complete set of Machines dedicated to pilot moulds and to the rework on stacks for tests make it possible to manufacture and modify in record times, so that you make the right launch decisions on your production moulds.

We fine-tune with you the performance of your plastic part and carry out dimensional rework in no time.

Plastisud advantages
  • dedicated machines for better responsiveness

  • time saving

  • accuracy of machining tolerances for replicate on production mould

Trial Lab

Before shipment, your moulds are validated and tested in our laboratory in one of our 12 injection machines. Sampling is done according to your acceptance protocol.

We run your pilot moulds and co-developments on dedicated machines (equipped with robots) in extreme short time and provide you with good plastic parts and moulds in the best time-frames.

Our Trial Lab
  • 2,000 m²

  • 12 injection machines from 900 kN to 7,500 kN including 5 electric for customer mould acceptance

  • 1 bi-material unit

  • 4 robots for parts take-out and unloading + IML

  • 11 process technicians

  • 3 "Quality Control" technicians

Integration and qualification 

Plastisud can integrate your complete systems in a dedicated space inside our test lab. We receive your machine and your robot, we install our mould, and start up the system for an optimized debugging in our workshop.

When qualifying the mold in your presence, our Quality Control Department carries out dimensional reports on our latest generation measuring equipment. Control sheets and samples are given to you for your own tests.

Plastisud Advantage
  • Supply of Mould setting parameters during moulding trials

  • Tests and controls in accordance with your specifications

  • Dimensional report of moulded parts + sample collection

  • Sample control by optical / probe / laser and CT-scan equipment (X-rays)

  • Testing of containers / lids with traction - compression tool

  • Sealing tests, precision torque meter for opening...

  • Mould maintenance manual (with recommendations and explanation of cleaning / maintenance procedures)

  • Training of your technicians during FAT (mould commissioning and acceptance)

  • Start-up of the mould in your facility anywhere in the world with our technician and SAT on request

Maintenance and overhaul

Throughout the life cycle of your mould, Plastisud accompanies you in the maintenance and service: diagnosis, technical support, repair, conversion, spare parts ...

After several million cycles, we carry out the complete overhaul and refurbishment.

Plastisud Advantage
  • Standard Hot Runner components in stock (nozzle body, nozzle tip, valve gate system, hydraulic pistons, racks and pinions ...)

  • 24-hour shipment in case of emergency

  • interchangeability of all stacks

  • a dedicated team of Customer Support Technicians (debugging assistance on your site)

  • 2 production sites to meet your needs

  • 100% availability = Continuous Service and Production (all year long)