12 injection machines and much more...

We received a new injection machine last month. Our full electric 100 tons machine comes in addition to our extensive range of machinery, dedicated to customers trials and commissioning.

Our trial lab now includes 12 machines from 90 tons to 750 tons. For Packaging, Closures and Medical parts, from pilot mould for Pipette Tip to multiple-cavity mould for large-size thin wall Packaging, single face or stack mould, we have the right machine to test your mould. On top of this, we have 4 robots for parts take-out and label positioning. More over, to save time and money, we provide mould frames for adapting your single cavity pilot.

During the FAT and after checking the good performance of the molds, the sample parts are examined by our “Quality Control” team made up of 3 expert Engineers.

A complete dimensional report is established using first-class metrological equipment, including: tomography (X-rays) allowing inspection up to 10 mm in steel, a profilometer as well as optical control systems with 1 micron accuracy. The injection parameters are sent to our customers with a tailored booklet with mold instructions, describing preventive maintenance guidelines, cleaning frequencies, assembly and disassembly operations of mould components, directly on the machine. A fully mastered fine tuning phase to allow a quick start-up in production.

But we offer more : Should you need more space to fine tune your complete system (machine, mould and robot), we have dedicated bays available for your system qualification. Whatever your need, we stand ready to assist you. No doubt.