CT-scan : New equipment for QC Dpt

Our Quality Control Department is located in the heart of the Trial Lab and dedicated to the testing and commissioning of our moulds (FAT).

To allow the inspection of plastic parts in record time, we just acquired a latest generation of CT-scan equipment (X-rays).

This new tool, which shows on a screen the volume of the part in 3D, reproduces dimensional data without any deformation for complex plastic parts and represents a major time saver for dimensional control and data collection.

Our wide set of Quality Control equipment meets the requirements of our most demanding customers and allows us to give thorough dimensional reports during our trials :

. 2 optical, probe & laser control machines

. 1 optical and laser inspection machine

. 1 CT-scan instrument with X-ray control

. 1 digital macrozoom camera (x132) with visual control on screen

. 1 trinocular for visual inspection

. 1 sealing & pressure testing machine for caps

. 1 digital torque meter for tightening and loosening the caps

. 1 traction - compression machine for caps, tubs and lids

. 1 measuring column

. 1 high-precision balance ...

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