2024 : Ready ? Go !

The year 2024 will mark a turning point in the legislation for single-use closures : they will have to stay attached to the bottle neck. A legislation to protect the environment, so that they no longer disperse in the wild and to facilitate their recycling by sorting channels.

In response to this European directive of attached caps, the closure business being a flagship activity of Plastisud and our customers being precursors, we wanted to accompany our customers and study these new concepts well ahead.

We assigned a predominant part of our R&D to the development and machining of pilot moulds / rework / adjustments of pilot cavities / moulding tests on press / sampling of pre-series and of course, we started to launch their production moulds.

This additional activity was made possible by the extension of production site in Castelnaudary, which allowed us to expand the offices of our Engineering Department, to split our testing laboratory and the machines dedicated to these specific developments.

Plastisud was thus able to work on projects of TETHERED CAPS which were clipped, screwed, with different diameters, for PET bottle necks or for cardboard bricks, for stillwater, sparkling water, fruit juice... the list is long.

Each of these developments has allowed us to gain expertise. For some years now, our multi-cavity moulds have been in full production with our customers, some of these caps are present on the shelves of our supermarkets.

In short, we are ready to face 2024 with proven experience and a good start.








First tethered Snap cap on the market

Plastisud helped set up this project and built the production moulds.

Since then, billions of bottles have been sold in Europe... very famous indeed !


First tethered Sport cap - EN71-1 Toy safety Standard

Plastisud is once again a partner for this development and participated in the launch.

An additional experience for a rewarding project.


First tethered screw cap for sparkling water

Plastisud is still present and brings its expertise for pilot tests and production mould construction. 

Millions of bottles available in your supermarkets.