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Injection Compression Technology via Stack-Mold with IML

To remain competitive, the weight of conventional injection molded containers and lids needs to be gradually lowered as the trend of Light-Weighting continues to sweep across the Industry.  By converting to the cutting-edge technology of Injection Compression, these same containers and lids can lose 25% of their weight with minimal structural change.  More importantly, In-Mold Labeling (IML) can be utilized since the label typically adds rigidity to a container or lid.  Thus, packaging converters will be greener since they will use less plastic and consumer companies will get more shelf-appeal as their consumers are more attracted to the graphically enhanced IML labels.  Bottom-line, it’s a Win-Win for both the Converter and the Consumer!

At FAKUMA 2015, 3 leaders in the plastic packaging Industry converged and exhibited this innovative Injection Compression technology with IML. The global mold leader PLASTISUD displayed a 4+4 Stack-Mold running on a NETSTAL Elion 2800 injection press with the added IML system designed and built by Machines PAGES. Combined, these 3 innovative leaders produce a polypropylene container weighting a mere 10.7 grams and incorporating an eye-catching IML label.

For the Mold and Hot-Runner, PLASTISUD has developed a unique Injection Compression technology (with pattern) that guarantees a perfect balance between parting lines and yet has a very low dispersion rate.  Most importantly, there is almost no design limit to a part’s geometry and the inherent long-life of a PLASTISUD mold remains unchanged.  The PLASTISUD hot-runner process control and press operation work flawlessly as is typical of a well matched mold and injection press combination. 

For the injection press, NETSTAL showcased their new Elion 2800.  Thanks to its high injection speed, each cavity fills quickly.  However due to the attributes of Injection Compression, clamping force is reduced by 40%.  This huge reduction, results in lower stress of the injected material and thus improved final container or lid quality.

For the label, Machines PAGES displayed their latest In-Mold label placement system designed specifically for Injection Compression.  With knowledge of flow pattern, label design and label handling Machines Pages is the best choice for IML labels that grabs the attention of consumers all over the world. 

You couldn’t attend Fakuma ? Come see it in PLASTISUD Castelnaudary !

Our Injection Compression Technology via Stack-Mold with IML is now displayed in our Trial Lab.

Make an appointment to discover it and get further information. Receive our advice and experience on the creation of your own Injection Compression application of mold, press, IML and other upstream or downstream package handling and inspection needs. 

We look forward to meeting you soon !

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